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About Ascensions Program in Junction City

We are a Creative Curriculum based child development center in Junction City. We care for children from 8 weeks to 12 years and provide a range of age-appropriate resources and activities to encourage their development right up until they are ready to join Kindergarten.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on hands-on exploration and discovery. By blending indoor and outdoor classrooms and environments in a home-away-from-home environment, we are able to create a space where children feel empowered and ready to learn.

Who We Are

Ascensions Child Development Program got its start in Junction City in 2023 by BethAny L. Freimuth. We decided to do things a bit differently at Ascensions Child Development Program by creating a space which fosters inclusive early learning in a fun and safe environment, where children from 8 weeks to 12 years can explore the world around them.

We believe our innovative approach gives children a bright and positive start in life as we encourage both exploration and discovery as well as emotional intelligence and building friendship.

Our Story

Acension’s journey began when founder BethAny L. Freimuth faced the challenge of balancing the care of her medically fragile firstborn while wanting to personally provide the best support. As one of thirteen children and a mother of seven, BethAny is used to caring for others, so she decided to extend her care. 

Over the course of 17 years, our focus has evolved, with a conscious effort to ensure our care is accessible to all children. Experiencing remarkable growth,  we offer daycare services to all and our commitment to inclusivity sets us apart.

We go the extra mile by establishing partnerships, including contracts with occupational and speech therapists and other allied health supporters, to ensure every child receives comprehensive care.

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About Our Junction City Location

When you visit us here at Ascensions Child Development Program, you’ll see firsthand what makes us different! 

Our setting includes:

  • Generous opening times and flexible hours to accommodate parents with busy schedules.

  • We follow the Creative Curriculum, which is research-based and follows an anti-bias methodology.

  • Our all-inclusive program caters to all - we work alongside speech and occupational therapists to ensure all children receive the same learning opportunities.

  • We offer wraparound care to local schools, meaning school-age children (5-12 years) can receive high-quality before and after-school care with door-to-door bus service provided by the district.

We are able to offer a wide variety of activities, including gardening, learning languages, dance and more.

Wee Ones

(8 weeks to 2 years)

In our Wee Ones room, we prioritize holistic development with a focus on emotional well-being, sensory exploration, and motor skill development. Strong emotional bonds between caregivers and infants are created, supported by resources from organizations like the National Association for the Education of Young Children and Zero to Three. 

Ascensions Child Development Program actively participates in an Infant and Toddler Mental Health cohort, highlighting the importance of mental well-being from early attachments

The environment in our Wee Ones room is purposefully designed for sensory engagement, incorporating age-appropriate toys, mobiles, and activities like tummy time. Safety is paramount, with age-appropriate furnishings and careful supervision. 

At Ascensions Child Development Program, we actively monitor developmental milestones across cognitive, social, emotional, and physical domains, ensuring timely interventions for healthy growth and well-being.


(2 to 3 years)

In our Little’s room, we focus on creating a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports the holistic development of toddlers. We recognize the crucial role of emotional well-being in childhood and, at Ascensions, we have created a space that fosters a sense of security and attachment for your little ones. 

Through age-appropriate activities that promote cognitive, physical and social growth, educational toys and activities are carefully selected to engage the toddler’s curiosity, encouraging them to explore the world around them. 

The room recognizes the importance of developing fine and gross motor skills, offering play areas with age-appropriate materials and equipment that encourage movement and coordination. Structured playtime and group activities are also incorporated to enhance social skills, sharing, and cooperation

Tiny Tots

(3 to 4 years)

Our Tiny Tots room is thoughtfully designed to promote self-directed exploration and imaginative play, fostering cognitive skills like problem-solving and creativity. Emphasizing social development, the room features group activities to encourage sharing, communication, and cooperation, establishing a foundation for positive peer interactions

To support physical development, age-appropriate play structures and materials refine both fine and gross motor skills. Tailored activities, including art and building stations, cater to the diverse interests of our 3 to 4-year-olds, encouraging hands-on learning experiences

Striving for a balance between structured learning and free play, our Tiny Tots room creates a stimulating and supportive environment for the holistic development of our little learners.

Kindergarten Prep

(4 to 5 years)

In our Kindergarten Prep room, we focus on preparing young learners for the transition to formal schooling by intentionally structuring an environment that cultivates essential academic and social skills. Early literacy and numeracy activities promote letter recognition, basic writing, and mathematical concepts through interactive and play-based approaches, laying the foundation for future academic success.

Beyond academic readiness, our emphasis extends to social and emotional development. Group activities and collaborative projects enhance communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Recognizing the importance of fostering independence and self-confidence, the room provides opportunities for children to make choices and take on responsibilities.

Equipped with age-appropriate educational materials, our Kindergarten Prep room creates a dynamic and supportive environment that readies children for the challenges of formal schooling, ensuring that learning remains a joyful and engaging experience.

Outdoor Play

Daily outdoor play is important for children's physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Our teachers use the outdoor play area as an extension of the classroom, providing opportunities for children to engage in physical activity, which can help improve gross motor skills, coordination, and overall health. Through outdoor play, children are given the opportunity to explore their environment, build problem-solving skills, unleash their creativity and engage in imaginative play through exciting activities, such as our Messy Science lessons!

School Age Scholars

At the core of our bespoke child care is our Wrap-around Service. If your child is part of our approved schools, they can be dropped off at Ascensions to benefit from our out-of-school care, as well as be dropped off at school in the morning.

The district also offers transport between the following local schools and our center, ensuring safe drop off and pick ups, giving you peace of mind during commute times:

  • Laurel Elementary

  • Preschool Promise

  • Early Education Program

Merging Teaching and Childcare

We offer a variety of inclusive programs, including daycare for infants and toddlers, preschool and pre-kindergarten.

We also offer before and after-school care to our School Age Scholars (children 5 to 12 years), as well as daycare during school closure days.

Our Before School Care program ensures a positive start to the day, offering early drop-off options with a warm and welcoming environment. Children socialize, complete homework, and enjoy a nutritious breakfast under the guidance of dedicated staff. 

After School Care provides a structured and enriching experience, featuring various activities like arts and crafts, sports, STEM projects, and group games. Children receive a nutritious snack upon arrival to refuel their energy, creating a supervised setting for learning, exploration, and relaxation after the school day.

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About Our Team

The Ascensions Child Development Program family includes a diverse team of passionate educators who are committed to your child’s success.

Owner & Director

Hi my name is BethAny AKA Mrs. Beth,

I’m the Owner & Director of Ascensions Child Development Program. I have been a Provider for 17 years. I love helping parents navigate the many challenges of parenting and celebrating all the wins! At Ascensions I strive to create an inclusive environment of excellence where all staff and families feel supported and thrive. 

Hobbies: Reading, family activities, camping and travel

Favorite Food: I love street tacos

Favorite Book: Choose your Own Adventure series 

Favorite Quote: “It’s better to know how to learn than to know.” Dr. Seuss

Wee Ones & Littles

Ms Karen - Wee Ones

Hello! I'm Ms. Karen, I am quite new here and currently working with Miss Evelyn in the Littles class. I've raised 5 great kiddos, (all of them are adopted) with the oldest being 48 years old and the youngest being 17, and I have 5 beautiful granddaughters. 

I've fostered over 150 kids, specializing in Tier 3 cases like drug-affected or failure-to-thrive newborns, and enjoyed working with sibling groups. I've also provided daycare in my home for many years.Outside of work, I enjoy camping in the mountains and at the beach, as well as traveling.

I've flown to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to visit the families of 3 exchange students. Additionally, I spent a year as a missionary in Guatemala, running a feeding program for children in three countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua). I've also travelled throughout Malawi, Africa, assisting in remote villages. My true passion lies in helping children everywhere.

Miss Evelyn - Littles

Hi, my name is Miss Evelyn and I’m super excited to be the Littles teacher! I can’t wait to build strong connections and bonds with all of my new friends this year! I strive to not only make this a safe and effective learning environment but also lots of fun!

I have been working at Ascensions since September 2022; I am also an Assistant Director and I am working on an Infant Toddler Mental Health Certificate at LCC. 

Favorite Food - Carne Asada fries

Favorite Book - Narnia 

Favorite Quote - “Education is one thing no one can take away from you.”

Tiny Tots Team

Miss Beatrice

Hi my name is Miss Beatrice and I’m so excited to be teaching you in my 3 year old Tiny Tots classroom! I love making new friends and teaching new students how to be kind to themselves and others. I strongly encourage the kids to learn and try new things, while making it safe and comfortable for them.

I so look forward to seeing the growth we can all achieve together!This will be my 1st year teaching at Ascensions Child Development Program but 3rd year teaching. I graduated from North Eugene High School in 2020 with a diploma.

Hobbies: Reading and taking my dog for walks

Favorite Food: Ramen

Favorite Book: Linus the Vegetarian T. Rex

Favourite Quote: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”– Albert Einstein

Mrs. Devorah

Hey there! My name is Mrs. Devorah (or Devi, whichever is easier to say). I have worked with Ascensions for about a year now. Ever since I was a young girl I remember having the desire to help and be around children who were younger than myself.

I’ve taught Sunday school with my mom growing up, have babysat, and have also volunteered at my town's local community center for a couple of summers working in a summer camp with kiddos. 

My main goal as a teacher and as someone who works with young children is to do my best to encourage them and be a presence that is a positive influence in their lives, creating an environment where they can feel safe and able to express themselves freely and openly. 

Hobbies: Being out in nature (especially the beach!), reading, writing poetry, practicing calligraphy and fancy hand lettering.

Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese.

Favorite Book: Bridge To Terabithia.

Favorite Quote: “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” - Phil Collins. 

Kindergarten Prep

Miss Breezy

Hello! My name is Miss Breezy and I’m super excited to be the Kinder Prep teacher this year! I’m looking forward to helping all my friends grow and develop learning skills that will help the transition to kindergarten next year!

We will send them off with a fun family graduation celebration at the end. April 2024 will mark one year of me working here at Ascensions child development program, however I have been working with children for a little over 3 years! 

Hobbies: Listening to music and drawing 

Favorite Food: Burgers or tacos! 

Favorite Book: The Giving Tree

Favorite Quote: “Fall 7 times, stand up 8”

Miss Gabi

Hello, I'm miss Gabi and am so excited and grateful to be able to help teach the Kindergarten Prep class with Miss Breezy.

l'm very eager to grow a relationship with each of these precious little humans and help them in their own ways. I enjoy finding solutions that work for children and everyone else around.

I want to help them learn and progress in their work while having a fun time doing it!

Hobbies: Spending time outdoors in nature, arts and crafts such as pottery & painting. 

Favorite Book : One fish Two fish Red fish Blue fish by Dr. Seuss , or Rainbow fish.

Favorite Food: Yum Bowls .

School Age Scholars  

Ms Bri

Hello my name is Ms. Bri, and I’m so excited to be your S.A.S class teacher & Parent Partnership Director! I’m very excited to meet and get to know each and every one of you.

I look forward to learning and growing together this year! I’m currently in my 4th year teaching, going into my 2 year with Ascensions! I graduated from my home town Monroe High School. 

Hobbies: Reading, walking with my dogs, traveling, going to concerts, and finding new coffee shops to try out! 

Favorite Foods: I love sushi and anything my mom makes. Favorite Favorite Book: if I could re-read a book for the first time it would be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Favorite Quote: “You must feed your mind with reading material, thoughts, and ideas that open to new possibilities.” - Oprah Winfrey

Mr Mikah

Hi, my name is Mr. Mikah and I cannot wait to help you grow as people and be the best you can be. I am a Senior in high school but, as an Aide for 4 years, I do my best to be a helper to your teachers in the classroom and keep school clean and healthy for you. 

Hobbies: I like to build and fix things in wood and metal shops

Favorite Food: Yum bowls or fried rice

Favorite Book : The Outsiders

Favorite Quote: “Take what you learn and make a difference with it”

What to Expect from Ascensions Child Development Program

Our mission is to provide the highest quality child care in Lane county, if not Oregon and beyond!

As part of our commitment, we provide all of our kids with:

  • Healthy USDA-approved breakfast and snacks each day - we are well equipped to meet dietary restrictions such as gluten-free and vegan, as well as cater for allergies such as peanut, wheat, milk etc.

  • Generous opening times and flexible hours to accommodate parents with busy schedules.

  • Events that allow little ones to learn more about the world around them, through themed weeks which feature activities from various organizations and lessons from Music Instructors, Veterinarians, Wild Bird Rescue and more!

  • Outdoor play that teaches little ones how to respect Mother Nature and interact with her in a meaningful way.

  • A diverse, all-inclusive environment where all cultures and traditions are honored and respected

We would be thrilled to have you join our Ascensions family in Junction City.

Contact us with any questions at +5419987619 or click the button below to schedule a tour!

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